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Online 5-Week MINDFULGym Course (Foundation Level)

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Welcome to the basic MINDFULGym self-help program for stress reduction and wellness. To attend the 5-week course online FREE, click on the images (week 1-5) and follow the instruction in the new webpages. The lessons will be supported by online reading assignments, YouTube videos, and daily practice (Home-Gym). You may begin and end the course whenever you like, and no registration is required.

Note: The course shouldn't be used as a substitute for consultation with medical or mental health professionals if you're suffering from depression, anxiety disorders, or any other psychological conditions.

Week 1: Introduction to Mindfulness

  1. Origin, definition & benefits of mindfulness

  2. Mindful Body Stretching: Relaxing the Body

  3. Seven Common Mistakes in Mindful Body Stretching

  4. Story: Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda by Lauren Alderfer

Click on the image to attend lesson 1:

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.

Week 2: Mindfulness of Breath & Body

  1. MINDFULGym Theme Song: Happiness is here-and-now

  2. Mindful Breathing: Calming the Mind

  3. Multitasking, Mindful-PDF & NOW-ing: Focusing Attention

  4. Story: The Emperor's Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy

Click on the image to attend lesson 2:

Week 3: Caring for the Present Moment

  1. Mindful Stretching & Breathing: Caring for the Mind & Body

  2. Don’t Worry, Be Sleepy: Body Scan & Kindness (11m)

  3. Seven Ways to be Kindful in Body Scan Practice

  4. Sleep Hygiene & How to Improve Sleep with Mindfulness

  5. Mindful MIYAOW? 7 Habits of Mindful Listening

  6. Story: The Cracked Pot & Self-Compassion

Click on the image to attend lesson 3:

Image by Briam Cute from Pixabay.

Week 4: Finding Joy Here-and-Now

  1. Mindful Breathing & Flower Imagery (5m)

  2. Gratitude Workout: Google-WWW-Yahoo

  3. The Art of Mindful Photography for Happiness

  4. Story: The Mexican Fisherman

Click on the image to attend lesson 4:

Week 5: Befriending Challenges

  1. Mindful Breathing & Mountain Imagery (5m)

  2. Mindful Vitamin: Making Peace with Change

  3. Mountain Meditation: Cultivating Equanimity (15m)

  4. Mindful-RAIN: Transforming Challenges, Discovering Happiness

Click on the image to attend lesson 5:

Image by Kewl from Pixabay.

Week 6 (Bonus): Kindfulness for Stress Reduction & Healing

It's OK if you need more than 5 weeks to complete the course. Enjoy the learning at your own pace.

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