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MINDFULGym: 5-Weekly Program

Full MINDFULGym Program

5-Weekly Program Outline

  • The full MINDFULGym program is conducted in a group of 20-25 participants over a period of 5 weeks. In each week, there is a 3-hour group training session, which is followed by daily simple self-help exercises and reminders through WhatsApp.

  • The sessions are conducted in a psychoeducational and experiential approach to ensure maximum learning and benefits. Upon completion of the program, continuous practice is maintained by regular booster sessions. The following is the outline of the 5-week program:



Introduction to Mindfulness

Week 1

  • Introduction to stress, anxiety & depression

  • ABC of Mindfulness

  • Story: Emperor's 3 Questions

  • Mindful Body Stretching

  • Multitasking & NOW-ing (attention to physical actions by 'labeling')

  • MINDFULGym workout I (home training) 

Living in the here-and-now

Week 2

  • Review of home training

  • Song: Happiness is here-and-now

  • Mindful-S.T.O.P: Log on to mindfulness at anytime

  • Contacting the present moment with 'H.T.C.'

  • Mindful Breathing: Deepening the NOW

  • MINDFULGym workout II (home training)

Appreciating the present moment

Week 3

  • Review of home training

  • Mindful Eating & Beginner's Mind

  • Story: A better tomorrow chocolate

  • Savouring the Present Moment & Mindful Photography

  • Mindful Walking

  • MINDFULGym workout III (home training)

Observing & transforming thoughts

Week 4

  • ​​Review of home training

  • Understanding the power of thoughts

  • Unhooking negative thoughts (cognitive defusion)

  • Gratitude Workout ('Google-WWW-Yahoo')

  • MINDFULGym workout IV (home training)

Befriending Challenges

Week 5

  • Review of home training

  • AAM & 5 Mindful Vitamins

  • Body-Scan & Kindness: Refreshing the NOW

  • Heart-Scan (cultivating loving-kindness) with 'Rasa Sayang Hey'

  • Kindful Hand & Butterfly Hug

  • MP3 – Mindfulness 'Personal Practice Plan'

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