7 Habits Of Mindful Listening

Mindful M.I.Y.A.O.W?

M - Mmmmmmhhhh...

I   - I see, Interesting, Ini macam...

Y  - Ya loh, Yes...

A  - Ahhhh, Amazing, Awesome...

O  - Ooohhh, OMG, Ooppss, OK...

W - Wow, Wah-lah, Wonderful...

?   - Ask questions to show that

        you care...

  • How do we apply HTC (Hear, Touch, C/See) in relationship and communication?


  • When you're LISTENING (Hear) to someone, put away electronic device (e.g. cell phone) to maintain EYE contact (C/See), SMILE and NOD your head (Touch a person's heart), while responding in the following ways:






Mindful Body Stretching (basic version) - 3 postures

The most important

time is NOW


The most important person is whoever you're with NOW


The most important thing to do

is to care for the person

you're with NOW

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