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Taking A Mindful Break

Mindful-STOP (I)

  • This is a MINDFULGym tool for taking short breaks throughout the day and seasoning it with the positive energy of mindfulness.

  • How heavy is a bottle of 250 milliliters mineral water? The answer depends on how long we hold it for; light for just a while, and relatively heavy for an hour or more.

  • Take regular breaks to refresh ourselves to enable us to cope more mindfully with challenges. Remember the Kit Kat chocolate slogan? It’s “Have a break, have a Kit Kat.”  



1. S-top whatever busyness temporarily and invite our attention to rest in the present moment

2. T-ake three slow,

deep, and mindful breaths

3. O-bserve and label three sounds around us with curiosity, e.g. fan spinning, birds chirping, people talking

4. P-roceed with whatever we need to do mindfully and with a smile

Audio-Guided Mindful-STOP Practice

Mindful-STOP & Sound Scan - 3 m

Mindful-STOP & Falling Awake - 3m

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