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Cultivating Friendliness & Kindness

HEART-fulness (Loving-Kindness)

  • This MINDFULGym tool is for cultivating friendliness and related positive feelings (e.g. kindness, gentleness, compassion) towards ourselves and others. 



  • The word 'HEART-fulness' (Loving-Kindness) is used here to refer to these interrelated positive feelings. As these are positive feelings, they buffer stress, promotes well-being and improves interpersonal relationships.



  • Conceptually, 'HEART-fulness' is similar to the practice of 'Muhibbah' (a Malay word which means 'goodwill'). It has been shown in scientific studies that Loving-Kindness practice increases friendliness, empathy, and compassion; important qualities for the nursing profession. 



How To Cultivate HEART-fulness (Loving-Kindness)?

1. Sit or lie in a comfortable position and hug a pillow to feel safe and relax.

If you're moving around (e.g. walking in the hospital), imagine you're hugging a pillow and remember to smile

2. Take a few slow, deep, and mindful breaths. 

Refer to 'Mindful Breathing' if you've forgotten how to take a mindful breath 

3. Sing the 'Rasa Sayang' folk song aloud or in your heart with the following modified lyrics:

Rasa sayang, hey!
sayang sayang
, hey!
Hey, may I, may YOU, may ALL,
Be happy, Happy, HAPPY 

Rasa sayang, hey!
sayang sayang
, hey!
Hey, saya ucapkan sihat,

4. Try to think of someone who needs care (e.g. your best friend, parents, grandmother, colleague, or yourself). 

5. Mentally wish them safe, healthy, and happy


"Mr. Wong. I wish you a speedy recovery"

"Anand, all the best in your exam"

"Grandma, I wish you long life and happiness"

"Hi Myself. I wish you success and happiness

Rasa Sayang Hey - Zhen-Phang

HEART-fulness/Loving-Kindness Practice (Extended Guide)

Audio-Guided HEART-fulness/Loving-Kindness Practice 

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