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MINDFULGym Research & Publications

The effectiveness and credibility of the MINDFULGym program are supported by the following research and publications:

1. Phang, C. K., Mukhtar, F., Ibrahim, N., Keng, S.-L., & Mohd. Sidik, S. (2015). Effects of a brief mindfulness-based intervention program for stress management among medical students: the Mindful-Gym randomized controlled study. Advances in Health Sciences Education, 20(5), 1115 – 1134 - HERE.

2. Phang, C. K., Keng, S.-L., & Chiang, K. C. (2014). Mindful-S.T.O.P.: Mindfulness Made Easy for Stress Reduction in Medical Students. Education in Medicine Journal, 6(2). doi: 10.5959/ eimj.v6i2.230 - HERE.

3. Phang, C. K., Mukhtar, F., Ibrahim, N., Keng, S.-L., & Mohd. Sidik, S. (2015). Effects of a DVD-delivered mindfulness-based intervention for stress reduction in medical students: a randomized controlled study. Education in Medicine Journal, 7(3) - HERE.

4. Keng, S-L., Phang, C.K., & Oei, T.P.S. (2015). Effects of a Brief Mindfulness-based Intervention Program on Psychological Symptoms and Well-being among Medical Students in Malaysia: A Controlled Study. International Journal of Cognitive Therapy: 8(4), 335-350 - HERE.


5. Phang, C. K., Chiang, K. C., Ng, L. O., Keng, S.-L., & Oei, T. P. S. (2016). Effects of Brief Group Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for Stress Reduction among Medical Students in a Malaysian University. Mindfulness, 7(1), 189-197 - HERE.

6. Hee, K.L, Subramanian, P., Rahmat, N., & Phang, C.K. (2014). The Effect of Mindfulness Training Programme on Reducing Stress and Promoting Well-being among Nurses in Critical Care Units. Australian Journal of Advance Nursing, 31(3), 22–31 - HERE.


7. Phang, C. K., Mukhtar, F., Ibrahim, N., Keng, S.-L., & Mohd. Sidik, S. (2016). Mindful Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS): Factorial Validity and Psychometric Properties in a Sample of Medical Students in Malaysia. Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice, 11(5), 305-316 - HERE.

8. Phang, C. K., & Oei, T. P. S. (2012). From Mindfulness to Meta-mindfulness: Further Integration of Meta-mindfulness Concept and Strategies into Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Mindfulness, 3(2), 104–116 - HERE.

9. Gnanavisuddhi, R. (2015). A study on a brief mindfulness-based intervention (MINDFULGym) for stress reduction and wellness among school teachers. Counseling Master Thesis, Help University, Malaysia - HERE.


10. Indaratana (2019). The effect of a one-day mindfulness training (MINDFULGym) for stress reduction and wellbeing among youth. Counseling Master Thesis, Help University, Malaysia -  HERE.

11. Ng, L. O., Ting, P.L., & Phang, C.K. (2015). Brief mindfulness-based intervention: a comparison study of its effects between quantitative and qualitative measures. Research poster presented at the 2nd International Conference of Applied Psychology (ICAP), Colombo, Sri Lanka - HERE.

12. Maher, D.F.F (2018). Effect of a one-day mindfulness intervention (MINDFULGym) on stress, anxiety, and depression among pre-clinical medical students: A randomized controlled trial. Ph.D. in Public Health (Mental Health) Thesis, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

13. Woo, C.S. (2016). The Effects of Mindful Breathing for Reducing Emotional Distress and Enhancing Quality of Life Among Patients with Cancer. Clinical Psychology Master Thesis, National University of Malaysia - HERE.

14. Tan, S.W. (2016). Effects of a 2-week Gratitude-Based Intervention for Stress Reduction and Psychological Well-being Among Nurses in UKM Medical Centre. Clinical Psychology Master Thesis, National University of Malaysia - HERE.

15. Leng, B.S. (2016). The Effects of Loving-Kindness Intervention on Psychological Distress and Psychological Well-Being among University Students. Clinical Psychology Master Thesis, National University of Malaysia - HERE.


16. Lim, SC, Nik, RNJ, Marhani, M, Phang, CK, Low, MY, Haslina, MR, Tuti, IM (2020). Brief Mindfulness-based Intervention as an Adjunctive Therapy for People With Depressive and Anxiety Disorder: A Pilot Study in MalaysiaMalaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences, 16(1), 173-182.

17. Chet, L. S., Ismail, W. S. W., Jaafar, N. R. N., Kar, Phang, C.K, & Eow, T. E. (2019). The Effects of a One-day Mindfulness-based Intervention on Psychological Distress for Caregivers of Children with Speech-language Pathology: A Pilot Randomized Control Trial. Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences, 15(3), 29-36 - HERE.

18. Ghawadra, SF, Lim Abdullah, K, Choo, WY, Danaee, M, Phang, CK. The effect of mindfulness‐based training on stress, anxiety, depression and job satisfaction among ward nurses: A randomized control trial. J Nurs Manag. 2020; 28: 1088– 1097 - HERE.



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