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12 Mindful Tools For Stress Reduction & Wellness


  • The book has detail descriptions of the 12 mindfulness-based tools taught in the MINDFULGym program. For each tool, it has explanations on what it is, how it works, and what to do.


  • It also relates how Johnny (medical student), Mrs. Chan (working woman with a family), and Mr. Ramesh (middle-aged man with various medical problems) apply MINDFULGym tools in their lives. You'll get ideas on customizing MINDFULGym tools and integrating them into your life.


  • In "Heartful Story," you'll find inspirational stories related to mindful living - living in the present moment, gratitude, contentment, beginner’s mind, embracing change, compassion, and so on.


  • In "Mindful Brain," you'll find scientific research information related to the benefits of mindfulness. The findings of each research paper are summarized into 3 main points for easy understanding.


  • It's available for sale (RM30 per copy) in Dr. Phang's clinic at Sunway Medical Centre (Suite 16, 5th Floor, Tower A). For a preview of the first 3 chapters of the book - HERE.










  • Phang, C. K. (2016). NOW - Who Wants To Learn MINDFULGym?: 12 Mindful Tools For Stress Reduction & Wellness. Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia Association for Mindfulness Practice & Research (MMPR).




(e-book version - only RM20 per copy)



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