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MINDFULGym Online Week 3/5: Caring for the Present Moment

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Lesson 3: Caring for the Present Moment.

Welcome to lesson 3 of the MINDFULGym foundation course...

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

1. Mindful Stretching & Breathing: Caring for the Mind & Body

2. Don’t Worry, Be Sleepy: Body Scan & Kindness (11m)

3. Mindful MIYAOW? 7 Habits of Mindful Listening

4. Story: The Cracked Pot & Self-Compassion

All videos for lesson 3 are available here:

Home-Gym: daily practice

1. Mindful Stretching & Breathing - at least 1x per day (e.g., in the morning).

2. Body Scan & Kindness – at least 1x per day (e.g., evening or before sleep).

3. Mindful MIYAOW? - whenever you’re communicating with someone whom you care.

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