MINDFULGym Online Week 4/5: Finding Joy Here-and-Now

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Lesson 4: Finding Joy Here-and-Now.

Welcome to lesson 4 of the MINDFULGym foundation course...

1. Mindful Breathing & Flower Imagery (5m)

Guided practice: https://youtu.be/BKq9dr3Hjz8

2. Gratitude Workout: Google-WWW-Yahoo

Read: https://www.mindfulgymalaysia.com/mindfulgym-gratitude-workout1

Guided practice: https://youtu.be/nvVVbbLCgPo

3. The Art of Mindful Photography for Happiness

Read: https://www.mindfulgymalaysia.com/post/7-habits-of-mindful-photography

4. Story: The Mexican Fisherman


All videos for lesson 4 are available here:

Home-Gym: daily practice

1. Mindful Breathing & Flower Imagery – at least 1x per day (e.g., morning).

2. Gratitude Workout – recall 3 good things before sleep.

3. Mindful Photography – take at least 1 picture per day.

Proceed to lesson 5: https://www.mindfulgymalaysia.com/post/mindfulgym-online-week-5-5-befriending-challenges

Back to 5-week program outline: https://www.mindfulgymalaysia.com/post/mindfulgym-online-week-3-5-caring-the-present-moment

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