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Remembering Mindfulness: How To Program A Mindful Attitude

By Dr. Phang Cheng Kar (M.D.).

How do we remember to be mindful?

If you have been trying to cultivate mindfulness for some time, you'll probably realize that to be mindful is easy; remembering to be mindful is difficult. All the mindfulness-based tools taught in the MINDFULGym program are not that difficult to practice. But remembering to practice them is often challenging.

Related to that, an essential aspect of mindfulness often forgotten in contemporary mindfulness teaching is remembering, recollecting, or reminding.

From this perspective, mindful awareness is not just about being in the present moment. It includes remembering the principles and practice related to mindfulness.

Since mindfulness practice should be "as life depended on it," says Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, how can we remind ourselves to be more mindful?

Besides integrating mindfulness into daily activities, we can try the use of Mindfulness Affirmations - positive words to program a mindful attitude. The method is particularly compelling when practiced with a calm mind (e.g., after taking a few slow, deep, and mindful breaths) and proper understanding of mindfulness.

Below are two mindfulness-based affirmations adapted from the Freiburg Mindfulness Inventory and Self-Compassion Scale for you to try out:

Mindfulness Affirmation: Programing A Mindful Attitude

Self-Compassion Affirmation: Programing A Self-Compassion Attitude

Mindfulness Affirmation & Song

Every moment in every way, you're becoming more mindful, healthier, and happier...

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