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Online REST-Shop: Kindfulness For Stress Reduction & Healing

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Come and join the online kindfulness workshop to help you reduce stress & improve your health. A healthier & happier life begins now...


In conjunction with the 2020 Mother's Day (Sunday, 10th May), psychiatrist & mindfulness-based therapist Dr. Phang Cheng Kar delivered this 2-hour training live on BGF Facebook. Dr. Phang dedicated the wellness talk to his 72-year-old mother. May Mother Phang and all mothers in the world (past, present, and future) always be safe, healthy & happy.

You'll learn 5 simple & effective kindfulness-based exercises in these 7 episodes:

1. Introduction to Kindfulness - KINDFULNESS = Mindfulness + Kindness 2. Kindful Body Stretching - This is good for relaxing the body & relieving muscular tension 3. Kindful Breathing - This is good for calming the mind & anchoring our attention to the present moment

4. Butterfly Hug - This is good for relieving fear & worries especially when they're felt at the chest or heart region

5. Kindful Healing Hand - This is good for psychosomatic pain like stomach bloating due to stress & chest tightness during a panic attack

6. Kindful Body Scan - This is good for refreshing the body & improving sleep 7. Be Kindful - Q & A - insomnia, headache, constipation, kindful EFT tapping, Covid-19 fear

Be Present, Be Kind & Be Healthy


1. The exercises shouldn't be used to substitute professional medical, surgical, or psychiatric treatments.

2. Refer to the 'show more' on the YouTube videos for additional guides on kindfulness practice.

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