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20 MINDFULGym Episodes On YouTube

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

The entire MINDFULGym program is now available FREE on YouTube. Yeahoo...

Click on the images below to access the videos FREE on YouTube.

ABC of Mindfulness

Mindful Body Stretching:

Relaxing The Body

Awareness of Stress, Anxiety & Depression (SAD)

Mindful Breathing:

Calming The Mind

Multitasking, Mindful-PDF & NOWing: Anchoring Attention

Mindful MIYAOW: 7 Habits of Mindful Listening

Mindful THINKER: 7 Habits of Mindful Speaking

HTC (Hear, Touch, C/See):

Contacting The Present Moment


Taking A Mindful Break:

Kindful Healing Hand:

Soothing The Body

Butterfly Hug & Kindful Breathing:

Comforting The Heart

Mindful EFT Tapping:

Releasing Negative Energy

Mindful Breathing Meditation: Deepening The NOW

Beginner's Mind,

Curiosity & Creativity

Appreciating The Present Moment:

Mindful Photography

Appreciating The Present Moment:

Mindful Eating

Unhooking Negative Thoughts

Gratitude Workout: Finding Joy

Befriending Challenges:

AAM & 5 Mindful Vitamins


Transforming Challenges

You can click on the slides in the slideshow to access the videos

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