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10 MINDFULGym Tools To Prevent Burnout Among Frontline Healthcare Workers Battling COVID-19

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

By. Dr. Phang Cheng Kar (Psychiatrist & Metta-Based Therapist).

As we're coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, many frontline healthcare workers are experiencing burnout. If you're a frontliner, here are 10 thoughtfully chosen exercises from the MINDFULGym program that are useful for preventing and overcoming burnout.

Practice these simple and effective tools to help you recharge and build resilience. Thank you for taking good care of us compassionately. Please take good care of yourself too as you're caring for us.

1. Kindful Body Stretching:

This is good for relieving muscular tension & body aches due to excessive stress.

2. Slow, Deep & Mindful Breathing (Qigong style):

This is good for calming the mind & body.

3. Butterfly Hug & Kindful Breathing:

This is good for soothing painful feeling & building resilience.

4. Mindful Self-Compassion Affirmation:

This is good for programming a mindset that we're not alone in our challenges & the importance of self-care.

5. Mindful Body Grounding:

This is good for grounding the overactive mind & promoting restful sleep. 

6. Four Pleasant States Imagery:

This is good for helping us to feel safe & relax.

7. Mindful Hand Washing:

This is good for sprinkling the day with healthy, loving & happy thoughts.

8. Spreading Loving-Kindness:

This is good for overcoming feeling of helplessness & cultivating emotional connectedness.

9. Body Scan & Kindness:

This is good for refreshing & recharging the body after a tiring day.

10. Song: Count The Blessings:

This is good for reminding us to appreciate the little pleasant moment even when we're facing problems.

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