EMPAJOY: The Opposite Feeling of Schadenfreude

I've created a new word to share with you.

Empajoy - noun
Empajoice - verb
Empajoyful - adjective 

🔘 Meaning: feeling happy for the wellbeing & success of others.

🔘 Root words:

🔹Em - Empathy

🔹Joy / Rejoice

🔘 Examples of sentences:

1. Empajoy is a positive emotion & the opposite feeling of jealousy.

2. I feel so empajoyful when she told me about her son's graduation.

3. I empajoice her success in promoting mindfulness practice to her colleagues.

4. The therapist listened empajoyfully to his patient's sharing on overcoming depression.

5. I'm having a great time empajocing my students' achievement.

🔘 Synonym: Mudita (Pali), Freudenfreude (German), 'shoy*'

🔘 Antonym: envy, jealous, Schadenfreude (German).

*Shoy (sharing joy): intentionally sharing the joy of someone relating a success story by showing interest and asking follow-up questions.

I belief with the frequent usage of the new word, "EMPAJOY" would help to increase the positive emotion meant by the word.

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