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Kindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (KBSR)

Mindful Attention + Kindness = KINDFULNESS.

In Kindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (KBSR), the sister of MBSR, we cultivate the habit of relating to the present moment experience with mindful attention and kindness - kindfuless. The present moment can be internal experience (e.g. negative thoughts, traumatic memories, unpleasant feeling, pain sensation, addiction urge, fearful images) or external experience (e.g. things, people, situation). Mindfulness is not just paying attention to the present moment; it's paying kind, beginner's mind, and wise attention (MINDFULGym's full definition of mindfulness). The word 'kindfulness' is coined by Ajahn Brahm to highlight the importance of 'kind attention' instead of just 'bare attention.'

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