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Counting Our Blessings

Gratitude Workout (Cardgame)

  • This MINDFULGym tool involves training our mind to pay attention to the positive aspects of life, e.g. strength, blessings, good deeds, accomplishments, success.

  • Instead of allowing our mind to generate thoughts randomly, we can purposefully cultivate positive thoughts. Research in positive psychology has shown that this helps in rewiring the neurons in the brain to stay positive, healthy, and happy.

  • We tend to remember negative memories more easily; they’re like Velcro strap – very sticky. Happy memories require more effort in recalling them; they’re like Teflon pan – non-stick. For this reason, we should schedule time for daily Gratitude Workout.



Gratitude Cardgame


Randomly pick a card (above) by clicking or tapping on it. Try to recall something that has happened today, recently, or a long time ago that matches the description on the card. Rejoice on the happy memories...


I've learned how to upload videos on YouTube, Yahoo!

Many people have benefitted from reading my books and expressed their gratitude to me. Yahoo!

I'm good in making cookies and cakes. I love to share them with my friends and relatives, Yahoo!

My colleague was willing to help me with my work when I was on emergency leave, Yahoo!

I'm able to guide my children with their homework and they appreciate my help, Yahoo!

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